Designing for Print book
Designing for Print book
Designing for Print book
Designing for Print book
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Designing for Print book

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Designing for Print:

Learn how to design for print with state-of-the-art techniques for digital and litho printing.

Who Can Use this Book

  • Web designers tasked with print projects
  • Self-taught designers with knowledge gaps
  • Print Buyers
  • Business owners who want to lower costs
  • Design students who want to start working for clients now
  • Working designers who need up-to-date information about digital printing etc.
  • ...This book is for all of you!

Are you wondering why you can't buy this book as a PDF? There is no way the printing techniques I’ve outlined can be properly visualized in a digitally printed copy or on a monitor. This book was printed in California by a mega-award-winning printing company. Eight ink colors and seven different papers were used to illustrate different printing effects. The book includes two digitally printed pages showcasing state-of-the-art digital printing techniques. 

The knowledge you need to create a successful project isn’t rocket science but it is crucial, and it’s all in this book. Here are six ways Designing for Print is going to simplify your workflow and design process:

1. Cost comparisons for different printing methods
    • Get immediate pricing comparisons
    • Decide whether a job should print either sheetfed or web
    • Save time by skipping that call to your print rep

2. Decision trees that answer questions
    • Choose the best printing method and paper type for a project
    • Determine if gang run printing is a cost-effective solution for your project

3. An extensive glossary
    • Get to know up-to-date terminology
    • Learn to speak the printer’s language

4. Helpful checklists
    • Know your responsibilities at a press check
    • Know your printer’s responsibilities at a press check
    • Avoid mistakes with a step-by-step proofing guide

5. A comprehensive section on printing and the environment
    • Understand how your design decisions affect the environment
    • Determine whether or not your printer is doing their part
    • Learn the meanings behind buzzwords such as “sustainability” and “greenwashing”

6. Tips to help you work with printers
    • Learn how to choose a printer
    • Learn about the printing workflow and where you fit in


Beautiful typography throughout
Beautiful typography throughout


Each section is color coded for quick reference
Each section is color-coded for quick reference


Lots of advice for working with printers
Lots of advice for working with printers


Thoroughly researched costing data
Thoroughly researched costing data







Designing for Print contains information that you absolutely cannot get anywhere else, and provides it in a beautifully organized and illustrated format. Typography expert Michael Stinson designed this book so that it is beautiful and easily comprehensible.