Welcome to our virtual atelier!

One upon a time, textiles were valued so much they were left to loved ones in wills. Up-cycling and mending of clothing and other useful items were common practice in all households.

We make our handmade textiles with couture craftsmanship to carry the same love, heirloom quality and value. 

All our weaving is done by hand on human-powered looms in the United States. Our fabrics and threads are either sourced from ethically produced, low impact mills, or up-cycled from existing stock. We are committed to sponsoring, maintaining, and increasing work for artisanal workers here in our own backyard. We respect the craftsmanship and talents of our textile brothers and sisters around the world and honor their talents with reuse of their work. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions about our process or want to visit our atelier in the Artist's Village of Santa Ana California. 



Marina Poropat Joyce


P.S. We welcome commissions and wholesale inquiries please email or call for our line sheet.  

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